B&G @21C After School Program

The Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center is a federal grant awarded to the Concord School District. '21C' partners with the the Boys and Girls Club of Central NH to offer students at Broken Ground School the opportunity to become involved in:
- after-school academic assistance (homework help/ skills practice /etc.)
- fitness and wellness activities (gym activities/dance/cheer, 'run across America' etc.)
- a variety of enrichment opportunities and experiences (cooking, art, music, sewing, theatre, etc.

About 21C from Principal Susan Lauze

To share a comment for Broken Ground Principal, Susan Lauze,

“The gains we have witnessed for our students in terms of their self-confidence, resiliency, social skills, speaking, and academics can be attributed to their full day experience in the school day programs as well as their participation in the 21st Century Grant Program. As the Broken Ground School Principal, I am confident that by extending this grant beyond 2019, the 21st Century After School program will continue to develop important connections for students and facilitate their learning and active engagement in learning, leading to more productive futures for our students.”

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