B&G@21C After School Program

APRIL 17th marks the start of the final session of enrichment programming from B&G@21C
for the
2016-2017 School Year! 

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See our April Newsletter below
for more up-to-date information about the BGS site.

April 2017 Newsletter

Interested in what we do during 
after school hours at BGS?

Check out our Feb. 2017 Newsletter below as well as our Session 4 Club Schedule for information about B&G@21C for grades 3-5. There are many exciting things happening in the afterschool community! 


It's a new year and a new session with B&G@21C!

The following table shows what we are currently offering during both our Academic Time (3:15-4) and our Club Time (4:30-5:15) each day of the week.

Please note: Academic Time activities are subject to change the day of due to student numbers and interest.
session 3 schedule

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We hope everyone enjoys their winter vacation!

When we return, we will have new clubs to share with our B&G@21C members!

Check out our Session 3 Schedule below. Registered students will select their clubs during the first week. 

Session 2 begins next Monday, Oct. 31st!
Don't miss out on some fun learning experiences!

Clubs returning from Session 1:
Fashion Club
Act It Out
Let's Dance!
Makey Makey
Comic Creators
Brainy Board Games

Life-Sized Games
Yarn Art
Soccer Games
She's On The Money (
thanks to Girls Inc.)
Build It Challenge
Painting with a Splash
Harry Potter Club

**Students not already members of B&G@21C must complete a full application before signing up for clubs. Clubs are selected during the first week of each session. Students may return the Session 2 Flyer (located at school and attached below) with their club selections prior to the start date in order to secure a spot in their first choice clubs. 

The Session 1 Schedule for B&G@21C at BGS is now available!

Check out some of what we are offering to start off the year:

Uno Club                Fashion Club          
Let's Dance (brought by Vibes of Style Dance Crew)

Comic Creators           Boys and Girls Gym

Mathletes                 Flag Football

Act It Out   

Get Digital (an iPad club)

  • All students who turn in a B&G@21C application packet will automatically receive the form necessary to enroll in afterschool clubs.
  • To view the full schedule, please see below (Club Selection Form - S1)
  • Applications can be found below or in the main office.


E-mail cfecteau@sau8.org with any questions regarding the 21C program.

Get ready for a new year with


~We start afternoon clubs on Sept. 12th. Late-bus transportation will be available.

~The full application to become a member can be found below. Hard copies are also in the main offices of both schools.

Stay tuned for what clubs will be offered for Session 1. We have five sessions in store for the year, each approximately seven weeks long.

**All registered members will be asked to select their clubs before starting.**

Color Run Flyer

THE FINAL CLUBS OF THE YEAR! Below is the new schedule of activities for the BGS after school program. These club choices will be offered beginning on Monday, May 2nd and ending on Friday, June 10th. The last day of the after-school program will be Wednesday, June 15th.

**THERE IS NO DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION. We will stop accepting new forms if clubs reach capacity.**






21C Student Council

Trivia Club

Sidewalk Art

Base Sports

Girls on the Run

(continuing from April)

Art Club

Young Architects

BGS Detectives



Board Games

Flag Football

Girls on the Run

(continuing from April)

Boys’ Gym

Fashion Club

Scavenger Hunters

Act It Out

Obstacle Courses

Paper Mache

21C is having a summer program!! 

Do you or someone you know have a child going into 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 6th grade? Are you looking for some fun activities that will have them enjoying summer but also preparing them for the new school year? We have some great Science, Technology/Engineering, Arts, and Math activities ready to do the trick! The kids  won't even know they're learning because they'll be having too much fun with the 21C Staff! Miss Caitlin, Mr. Fogg and other familiar faces from the school year can't wait to share part of their summer with some of the great students of this community! 

What days? July 11-Aug 4 (Monday-Thursday)
What time? 8 a.m to noon
Where? Broken Ground School, inside and outside!

How much? $60 per week or $200 for the full four weeks

How can I register? Locate the form at the bottom of the page, return a completed copy along with payment and your child will be all set! Paper copies should also have gone home with each student. Check their bags or folders! :)

Session 6 is officially underway!

Here's what the students are doing at B&G@21C at Broken Ground for Enrichment Clubs:

21C Student Council
Mindful Kids
Blacktop Games for Girls
Superhero Club

Watercolor Painting
Board Games

Bracelet Making

Popsicle Stick Creations
Four Square
Fashion Club 

Act It Out

**At this time we are not accepting any new applications for this session. Please stay tuned for the release of our final session schedule in a few weeks. At that time any new students interested in participating can register to join. Thank you.

The Session V Club Schedule is now available!

Below is the new schedule of activities for the BGS after school program. These club choices will be offered beginning on Monday, February 8th and ending on Friday, March 18th.

DEADLINE for Session V enrollment: Friday, February 5th

If your child already attends the program, no additional paperwork is needed at this time. Your child can continue to attend according to the schedule that was provided to us with the original application. If you do wish to change their day(s) of attendance after viewing the new club offerings, please e-mail BGS Site Coordinator, Caitlin Fecteau, at cfecteau@sau8.org or leave a message with the BGS Main Office during school hours.

New members interested in joining us for the new session MUST submit a completed application packet before attending. Please do not expect your child to stay after the same day the forms are turned in. Allow at least 24 hours for processing. Applications can be found in the main office as well as on the B&G@21C web page which is accessed on the school website under the Activities tab.

IMPORTANT: Please know that due to staff numbers and available space, we can only accept a certain number of applications with each new session. After school staff will contact you if the program has reached capacity. If this happens, your child will be put on the waitlist and will likely have to wait until the next new session (which begins every 5 weeks) to join. Thank you for cooperation.

21C Student Council Basketball Club USTA Tennis Club (limit of 12) Fashion Club Geography Club


SMART Girls 

Games from Around the World

Game Makers

Team Games

Monopoly Club 

What’s Up In The World?

Bead Buddies

Mystery Box: A Science Challenge

Glass Painting
Mindful Kids

  • 21C Student Council - Students work together to strengthen the school community and act as the voice of the 21C program.
  • Minute-it-to-Win-it - Students will be challenged to complete tasks in just 60-seconds!
  • Basketball Club - Each week students will learn a new skill and game associated with the sport.
  • SMART Girls - A health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls.
  • What’s Up in The World? - A group that will focus on current events and ways to impact the greater world.
  • Monopoly Club - Students will encourage decision-making and mathematical skills with a classic board game.
  • Tennis Club - An USTA sponsored program
  • Games from Around the World - Students learn various games played by elementary kids in other countries.
  • Fashion Club - Create accessories and clothes in this hands-on club; great for the aspiring designer!
  • Game Makers - No electronics needed! Learn to make your own game without spending money and then try it out with friends.
  • Mystery Box: A Science Challenge - What’s inside? That is the big mystery that must be solved...without actually touching the box!
  • Team Games - Various games, such as volleyball and soccer, will be played to foster friendly competition as well as teamwork.
  • Geography - Students will examine the culture, climate and community of 5 countries without ever leaving the school!
  • Glass Painting - Creating art projects using only paint and different glass items
  • Bead Buddies - A service learning project: students will create bead crafts for donation
  • Mindful Kids - Slow down with quiet games, music and activities.​
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What's happening at B&G@21C?!

Just last week, we started our new job system at the afterschool program. Students select one of eighteen different jobs for the day as an opportunity to encourage responsibility and involvement. Jobs range from Floor Sweeper to Message Reader. Many students are begging for the chance to have a job. Let's hope that lasts. :)

Our Session II Clubs have entered their fourth week. A lot is going on each afternoon. Make an Impact Club has begun work on designing their buddy bench for the school. Cardio Dance is learning a lively routine to Uptown Funk. The students in Time Travelers Club are hard at work finalizing their history projects to share with the whole group in a couple weeks. Newspaper Club is busy interviewing and writing their articles for the first edition of this year's Eagle Insider. Fashion Club designed their own bags last week while the students in Sports Club left it all on the basketball court. The Friday Films groups watched the Little Princess last week. At first they were skeptical, but by the end they were raving! The girls in Knitting/Crocheting Club learned how to finger-knit on Friday. I've already seen some great projects...headbands, bracelets, and more. All of our clubs are having a blast.

Stay tuned for our next session when we step up our club choices even more! Flyers for Session III will be available soon. Deadline for new applicants to register will be Tuesday, November 24th. 

 B&G@21C clubs as well as the 5:30 late-bus will begin Monday, September 14th. All students wishing to join must register, even those who attended last year. Forms can be found in the school main office or attached at the bottom of this page. 

​Our clubs this session will get your students moving, thinking, and doing during afterschool hours! We have Soccer, Mind Benders, Nature Engineers, and more!

Please take some time to complete a quick survey about our program.

You can find a link to the surveyon the bottom of this page. It is 3 questions and should onlytake a few minutes to complete. Any information you can provide for usis always greatly appreciated. It helps us improve our program! Thankyou for your time.

Interested in joining the after-school scene?!

Areyou looking for homework help for your child? Does your child want toexpand on their learning during the school day by participating in anenrichment activity? Do you need a safe place for your child to stayafter school? Then, come check us out! Parents/guardians are alwayswelcome to observe an afternoon at B&G@21C.Our Jan-Mar session is well underway and many popular clubs are full butthat doesn't mean you have to turn away. There is always something todo at B&G@21C.Our final session of the clubs for the school year will begin at the endof March. Please look out for a flyer that will go home with studentsafter February vacation. It will include information on how to join usfor the new clubs as well as important deadlines to meet to help ensureyou get into your first choice of clubs.THANK YOU!! 

1) Does your child attend our program on Thursdays?
2) Are they all done their homework for the week by the time Thursday comes around?
3) Are they looking for something else to do besides Power Hour?
4) Do they enjoy writing or drawing? Making new friends?
Startingvery soon interested students will have the opportunity to join a penpal group. Members will receive a pen pal from a different Boys andGirls Club location in Concord. We are bringing back the process ofletter-writing and the anticipation of waiting for mail. We think itwill be a fun project for our kiddos.

If your childwants to attend any of our clubs and activities, please complete ourregistration form and our club selection form (both can be found below)and turn them in to the school at least 24 hours prior to their intendedfirst day. This will allow us time to process their information andprepare for any transportation needs. Please note: It is possible thatwe will have additional clubs join our schedule over the next coupleweeks. If your child decides they want to switch clubs, a simpletransfer form can be completed to ensure they end up where they wouldlike to be.


REMINDER! PLEASE remember to register your child using the registration form found at the bottom of this page.

Don't panicif it seems like it is only for the Boys and Girls Club. This form willallow your child to attend any part of the B&G@21C Program--maybethey only want to participate in one club that meets every Tuesday ormaybe they plan to be with us from 2:30-5:30 every single day. It isimportant that your child is registered prior to starting at the afterschool program. Selection of clubs and activities will take placeseparately as soon as a complete schedule of offerings is available. Anyquestions, contact us! We thank you for your cooperation and lookforward to what should be an exciting year in after school programming!
B & G @ 21C
Through the 21stCentury Community Learning Center's partnership with the Boys and GirlsClubs of Greater Concord students at Broken Ground and Mill Brook willhave the opportunity to become involved in:
- after-school academic assistance (homework help/study skills/etc.)
- fitness and wellness activities (gym activities/dance/hoola-hooping)
- a variety of enrichment opportunities and experiences (cooking, art)

Important Documents for B&G@21C         

Contact Information

 Farrelly, Sue
 Email:  sfarrelly@sau8.org

 21C Program Director
 Parker, David
  Email:  parker@centralnhclubs.org
   21C Site Coordinator
Brasley, Tara           21C Asst. Site Coordinator

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